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Name : Thomas LAM
Tel: 9679 5909
In 2010, Thomas completed a total of 18 closings of which, 7 were sales and 11 were lease transactions which generated a huge amount of profit for the company. His outstanding performance made him excel other agents in this industry. Thomas was honoured the "International Centurion Award" and "C21ARL Top Gun Gold" for two consecutive years since 2009. He was then promoted to Senior Associate Director in early 2010 to assist the company in developing sales plans and marketing strategies for company's growth and expansion.

With ample years of experience in the property agency industry, Thomas keeps on providing the best quality of agency services to his clients. He is confident in completing more transactions in the coming years.

Congratulations to Thomas again for his excellent achievement in 2010. We deeply appreciate his continual contributions to the company in 2011.
Name : Fanny CHAN
Tel: 9772 1821
With the diligence and determination of Fanny, she has completed a total of 10 closings of which, 5 were sales and 5 were lease transactions in 2010. Her contribution to the success of company was significant. It was Fanny’s first time to be awarded the "International Centurion Award" in 2010 and the "C21ARL Top Gun Silver" in 2010. She has subsequently been promoted to Senior Associate Director starting from 1 January 2011 and would continue to provide comprehensive consultancy services to her clients, in particular from the Mainland China.

Fanny keeps on working hard to achieve more transactions in the coming 2011. She still focuses on the properties in Happy Valley, Mid-level East and the South. We highly appreciate her achievement in 2010 and also hope her continual contribution to the company in 2011.