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Name : Thomas LAM
Tel: 9679 5909
2011 was a fruitful year for Thomas who has won the Top Gun Gold for 3 consecutive years. During the year, he completed 1 sales transaction of a piece of farm land and 15 leasing transactions of highend properties in 2011. He contributed a significant amount of profit to the company.

Expecting in 2012, Thomas shall pay extra effort in completing more sales and leasing in the hope of creating new heights for the company. In addition to achieving the goal of increasing the profit for the company, Thomas hopes to develop his talent in management. He is now actively inviting more partners to join the company with a view to creating a better future for the company.

Hence, we all wish Thomas would improve his performance in completing more transactions in 2012.
Name : Connie CHIU
Tel: 9504 8111
Connie joined Century 21 Alliances Realty Limited for just over a year. With her past experience and ability, she has made outstanding results in a short period of time. In 2011, she completed 5 sales transactions and 9 leasing transactions, thus bringing significant amount of profit to the company. Therefore, she has won the Top Gun 2011 Silver. Her achievement was highly recognized by the company.

In 2012, Connie will continue to use her talent in completing more transactions with a view to achieving a higher level. She is ready to face the new challenges in 2012.

We wish that Connie would improve herself in completing more deals and keep on achieving her goals.
Name : Martyn LIU
Tel: 9456 2587
Martyn is a professional accountant who has emmigrated from the UK to Hong Kong recently. He made a lot of changes in his career, therefore bringing him a breakthrough to his life. Before he joined Century 21 Alliances just over two years ago, he did not have any experience in the property agency industry and has now become the winner of the Top Gun 2011 Bronze. In 2011, he completed 1 sales transction which was over 10 million and 12 leasing transactions, thus bringing considerable profits to him and the company .

Martyn grew up in the UK, and is a native English speaker as well as fluent in Cantonese. This is an advantage over others in communicating with Western Expats. He will continue to make best use of this advantage to provide excellent property agency services to his customers.

The company appreciates Martyn’s commitment and enthusiasm and also hopes that he will perform better in order to obtain excellent results in 2012.